Toto profile pic
Toto in the opening

Examinee No.





October 10

Blood Type


First Appears in

Here Comes His Fiancee!

Portrayed by

Anthony Bowling (English)

Toto is sorcerer examinee no. 010. It is unknown what magic he uses.

Background Edit

Toto has been around to care for Kuku as long as he can remember. He always took care for her, which he soon developed a crush on her. Eventually, Kuku and Zero got engaged, but he wasn't angry at Zero or Kuku. He was actually sad. When he went with Kuku to find Zero, thing got out of hand and Kuku turned the whole school into animals. Before that, Toto gets a lecture about love by Zura. This is what pushes him to reveal his love to Kuku.

Relationships Edit

Kuku-Love intrest

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